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Hello, my name is Sara. In 2005 my husband and I bought an old farmhouse in Okayama, borrowed a few fields and set to building ourselves a pleasant rural life. Now, several years on, we have fields a-plenty, what was until the end of 2012 a wheaty bread bakery and is now prepping to be a gluten-free space, and have incorporated our efforts into the Hototogisu Bakery and Farm. Welcome!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Parade of Food!

Just a glimpse of what we eat here on Wallabi's Farm...

okara (soy) croquette, scrambled eggs w/ parsley, boiled broccoli - I prefer to eat simple and plain if the ingredients are fresh. Fresh broccoli from our neighbor's farm is steamed barely for one minute and it is so tender and sweet even to the stems.

pasta with greens (nanohana) and toasted breadcrumbs & nuts, cheese toast

snacks - apple tart, baked sweet potato, apple peanut cake

Sara's pumpernickel bread. Sooo good thinly sliced, toasted and with butter and honey!

ONIIGRI (rice ball) made of home grown rice and home made fish flakes. I can easily eat three of these as a late morning snack!


At 12:17 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

The food looks so delicious! Can we get some recipes...like, "recipe of the week"? I would love to know how you make the croquettes.

At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Winnie said...

I saw your post on MIJ. I love this blog. How do you make the bread? I used to work at a bakery, but since I have been in Japan, I have not had sourdough. I only managed a so-so wheat bread. The place you live in looks absolutely lovely.

At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Maria said...

Hi Sara and all the happy familly,
what a fantastic blog!It looks like an idyllic place. And such a wonderful food! Are you planning to do any eco-tourism by any chance? I'd love to come and help with the veg or the goats.


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