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Hello, my name is Sara. In 2005 my husband and I bought an old farmhouse in Okayama, borrowed a few fields and set to building ourselves a pleasant rural life. Now, several years on, we have fields a-plenty, what was until the end of 2012 a wheaty bread bakery and is now prepping to be a gluten-free space, and have incorporated our efforts into the Hototogisu Bakery and Farm. Welcome!

Monday, March 10, 2008

a traveling salesman

A traveling salesman came to the house at lunch time today. There were
two men in a truck covered with an awning, with shiny silver bins in the
back. What do you suppose they were selling? Fish! Fresh fish from I
recall not where. We bought an aji for sashimi (er..aji is a fish. I do
not know its name in english. In fact I do not know the name of most
fish in english. sashimi is sliced raw food.) and a squid. The traveling
fish salesman was as surprised to see me as I was to see him - from him
came the exclamation "gaijin-san desu ne!" meaning roughly "oh my - you
are a foreigner!" and from me, after he stated that he was selling fish,
was a doubtful-voiced message to shuzo, who was inside the bakery at
the time, saying "I think this guy is selling fish." This was a first for me - I do not remember a traveling fish salesman visiting my house as a kid. Not even once. The fish was good,
and we hope they will be back again next week.


At 12:33 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Do you feel deprived as a child Sara? We did go to the docks a few times.
Love, Dad

At 2:00 PM, Blogger wallabi said...

Hmmm...well now that you mention it, I do feel a little deprived, as the trip to the docks that stands out most in my mind is the time that we were at the docks and a newspaper reporter took a picture of us, but then cropped me out of the picture! I guess twins are most exciting than I am. Oh well - a magazine reporter was here yesterday and she took my picture, so I guess I'll live. :-)


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