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Hello, my name is Sara. In 2005 my husband and I bought an old farmhouse in Okayama, borrowed a few fields and set to building ourselves a pleasant rural life. Now, several years on, we have fields a-plenty, what was until the end of 2012 a wheaty bread bakery and is now prepping to be a gluten-free space, and have incorporated our efforts into the Hototogisu Bakery and Farm. Welcome!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Spring is nice! We stole a quick afternoon break after finishing our thursday morning delivery last week. The flowers were out in full bloom in the city over the weekend, so we had thought to visit Korakuen, a landscaped castle garden park in Okayama. It has been labeled one of the top three such gardens in Japan, and we had a very nice hanami (flower viewing picnic) there last year. However, when we got close, we saw that everyone else had the same idea, and we would be waiting some time for a parking place. We quickly gave that up, and stopped at a small, peaceful riverside park for our picnic and a nap. Not so glamorous as Korakuen, but lovely nonetheless.