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Hello, my name is Sara. In 2005 my husband and I bought an old farmhouse in Okayama, borrowed a few fields and set to building ourselves a pleasant rural life. Now, several years on, we have fields a-plenty, what was until the end of 2012 a wheaty bread bakery and is now prepping to be a gluten-free space, and have incorporated our efforts into the Hototogisu Bakery and Farm. Welcome!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It's a Red Letter Day

Okay, I don't really know what that expression means, but in my mind it carries the excitement I feel is due to today's event (trumpets blare):

the ukoke laid their first egg today!

(here I am pausing to let the applause die down)

These are very fancy eggs from very fancy chickens...evidently we know someone who sells them for 500 yen each. Perhaps tomorrow we will have the gumption to eat our new fancy egg.


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